Washington Ladyhawks 2017-18 Tryout Registration Form

Are you interested in playing for the Ladyhawks? Open tryouts have been scheduled for August 12th and 13th at Emerald Ridge High School. Here is the schedule:

Please plan on attending both days of the tryout.

Please fill out the form below so we can get to know you a little. After completing the form send it by clicking the Send Request button at the bottom of the page. Fields marked as (required) must be filled in before the form can be sent. Thank you!


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   18 Gold

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How committed are you to working to become the best softball player you can be?

Is there any reason you cannot be fully committed to weekend practices and tournaments?
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What do you feel you as a softball player feel you provide to a team?
What are your strengths?

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If you have any questions please contact Coach Wayne Miller (253-820-4234), Coach Angel Miller (253-820-4231), Coach Joe Breer (253-381-2782), Coach Rod Hardy (206-228-4233) or Coach Mike Millar (425-239-2812)

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